MFP Team

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John Griffin


James E. Brown 

Festival Consultant

John Bland 

VP & Director of Festival Operations 

Mary Harper 

VP & Business Manager 

Sharon Donaldson 

VP & Head Talent Buyer 

Michelle Fields 

Director of Sponsorships & Marketing 

Richard Evans 

Director of Event Productions 

Pat Gilles 

Director of Business Development Event Manager 

Darlene Gregory 

Manager of Business Development/Hospitality 

Justin Wilcox 

Director of Site Operations 

Ashley Ali 

Director of Social Media 

Joel Carmichael 

Production & Stage Manager 

Kat Harris 

Production Manager 

Larry Gordon 

Sponsorships & Marketing 

Monique Miller 

Vendor Manager 

David Davis 

Director of Box Office Operations 

Steven Collins 

Director of Community Relations 

Lisa Vinciquerra 

Concessions & Vending 

Patricia Jacobs 

Sponsorships & Marketing 

Kathy Blanchard 

Talent Buyer 

Jason Monroe 

Talent Buyer 

Lane Lantis 

Social Media 

Charles Kinkard 

Site Operations